The Journey Continues – Film at Eleven

It’s called MountainView Hospital, although it would seem more appropriate if it were named “FreewayView Hospital” as that is what I can see from my lavish, well-appointed suite overlooking the valley and the freeway.

This is my second visit to this joint, I was first here in October when I had a slice and dice visit, they sliced me open and removed a chunk of mass that was growing in my intestines, and after determining that it was cancer, they began offering advice as to how to handle it.  What to do next…there are so many options, including doing nothing.  I have found that people who ignore this and do nothing have just as much of a chance of living a long and healthy life as those who elect to do the standard of care, which is chemo and radiation to kill the cancer cells and ruin the immune system.  Which means the chance of the disease returning is very good.  That is one return engagement I have no interest in.

Tomorrow I will have a camera crew sent up my rear to look for stray food particles and maybe even some jewelry we have been missing, and then based upon the findings, we will decide what the next step will be.  There are alternative methods out there, meaning, there are ways to treat this without poisonous chemicals.  My choice, based upon months of research and meetings with doctors and other health care folks, is to utilize a combination of healthy and traditional procedures, designed to get rid of the big C and get my body back to optimum health.  The body heals itself, given the right set of circumstances, so my goal is to get back to maximum health.

Jan and I have both adjusted our eating habits, we no longer eat red meat, or dairy products, or sugar. 

We have a nutrition counsellor from the Kushi Institute guiding us through this, we have established a complete and total Macrobiotic Diet, which eliminates toxins and poisons from the foods we eat, and allows our bodies to create and maintain an alkaline environment which weakens the C cells.

We have also switched to completely toxin-free skin and hair care products, because we all know how dangerous some of the chemicals are in most of those products, and sadly, the use of these products cause sickness, including cancer, just from using these  products every day.

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey, I will keep you posted of my progress and look forward to that day when I can type these words “cancer-free”…

Meanwhile, its fun to watch the one-upmanship of the doctors as they parade into my room, each one more self-important than the other.  We have the surgeon, the internal guy, the oncologists and the house doctor, who is by far the biggest joke of them all.  The others are great, they each have their o specialty and viewpoints, ad I am so grateful for their assistance.  The house guy, he is the one who the hospital assigns to be sort of the team captain, and without even so much as touching me or listening to a heartbeat, waltzes around and tells me the same things the other doctors have already told me.  He recently requested blood work, and I refused, as I have already had more blood drawn than in the latest episode of Twilight, and if head looked at my charts, he would see that what he ordered had been done already.  But he has an agenda, you see, and that agenda has nothing to do with me.  It’s called a paycheck, and so in his quest for getting paid to walk in and speak to me for 30 seconds, he tells me things he knows I have already heard before and asks me to have blood work that is totally unnecessary.

It’s been a fascinating education for me, learning about the health care system from the inside, and it shows me why such a thing as a “cure” for the big diseases (profit centers) will never come to pass.  There is just too much money involved; we’re talking billions of dollars that would go away if they were to suddenly find a cure.  Instead, doctors are trained to treat these diseases with poisonous chemicals that are patented and ridiculously expensive, when most true health care people know that a natural approach to health exists, and a proper mixture of these natural methods and low-dose versions of the deadly chemicals is becoming the wave of the future.  The mainstream medical professionals will never accept a natural procedure because they cannot patent a fruit or veggie, so hey insist upon going the route of toxic chemicals as the only way to properly treat the big C.

I’ve asked my doctor to post his cinematic journey up my poop shoot on Youtube.  I hope it looks good.

Meanwhile, check out the rest of our weekly digital magazine on

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Sad Week of Double Losses

Frank Lieberman

This was a sad week for me.  Very sad.  I lost 2 very special friends, one on each side of “the pond”.

 Here in Vegas, my dear pal and fellow team member of, Frank Lieberman passed away at the tender age of 68.  Frank was the energetic, non-stop Senior Entertainment Editor and the backbone of our digital magazine, always on top of the latest scoops and show business news.  He never missed a week in our 4 year history, with not one, but two unique columns, one of which (Vegas Scene) was consistently the most popular feature of our weekly magazine.  Many journalists told me they read his column every week to see what they were missing.  He was a trend setter in that regard.

Don Rickles loved Frank, as did everyone who knew him

We first met when he was working with Siegfried & Roy, and before that, Tony Orlando had introduced me to him, but we never got the chance to hang out and talk and establish a friendship until his S&R days.  

Not too long ago, we hooked up at the Orleans when Don Rickles was playing and we all ended up in his dressing room, swapping stories and laughs.  His wife, Karen, was by his side, as she always was.  They were a very special couple. Don Rickles loved Frank, and he told me of many instances over the years when Frank helped him out or wrote something especially flattering.

Frank was always in a great mood, no matter what health challenges he might have been facing, which were considerable lately.  Last Tuesday he fell, as we was reaching for his cell phone, and broke his shoulder.  He was in Summerlin Hospital Friday eve when I tried to reach him (his column was uncharacteristically late) and by Saturday, he was gone.

 Frank was loved and respected by all who worked with him.  He told it like it was, he helped many celebrities when the call arose and he respected the privacy and secrets that he knew at all costs.  I will never forget some of the fabulous inside stories he told us about Elvis, as well as so many other show business icons who all knew and loved Frank as well.

I will miss his smile, his warmth, his writing.  Most of all, I will miss our friendship. 

On the other side of the pond, just north of London, a show business legend of another sort left us all too soon.  Terry Seabrooke was one of the funniest guys to ever take the stage, he performed wonderful magic, but will be best remembered for his comic antics and dry sense of humor that was on all the time.  He also played a mean game of snooker, which he taught me, and when I visited England we would meet up at the Bushy Men’s’ Club in Watford, where Terry was the presiding president, and we would play with his son Keith.  They were always dramatic matches full of laughs and personal threats. 

My favorite photo with Terry taken at the Magic Castle

It was on stage where Terry really shined, he was a one of a kind master of the stage.  I learned so much just from watching him over the years.  To observe his way of working a crowd was a delight.  He had that twinkle in his eye, and could take the simplest trick or gag and milk it for major belly laughs.    He was one of the most popular magicians to ever work the Magic Castle.  You never knew what he might say or do.  He was in a class by himself.

 One year, I was booked to play the Easter Parade in Southport, England.  It is not a parade, but rather a magic convention of sorts, with a stage show, which I was booked on, and the emcee was the master himself, Terry Seabrooke.  I recall rehearsal, Terry did nothing except attend, and all the acts blocked and prepared themselves for the show.

In between the rehearsal and the evening show, Terry showed me the secret passage he had that led us out the back of the theatre and through a small alley and into the back door of a tavern next door.  There, we had numerous adult beverages as we discussed the show.  This was repeated several times before the show started.  I tried to keep up, but that is completely impossible.  Somehow, we got through the show, which included many improvised moments that I sprang on him while he was on stage, to the delight of the audience as they watched him ad-lib his was out of a number of wild things sprang upon him.  

Like Frank Lieberman, Terry Seabrooke was a one-of-a-kind, they were both irreplaceable and both share a very special place in my heart.  I am honored to have been able to call each of them “friends”.  I was blessed to have them in my life.

Rest in peace, gents…you will be missed by so many.


There were no losses in football, however, if you followed my advice…

Last week began my football “picks” and as you can see from that post before the weekend, I went 2 for 2, thank you very much.  Both of my picks, the Green Bay Packers and the Pittburgh Steelers, won the cahnce to play in the Super Bowl Feb 6th.  I will tell you who will win this game next week, but for now, it’s just great to have silenced those knuckleheads in New York…

Read the rest of this week’s fabulous issue at

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Place Your Bets


By special request, due to my infinite wisdom of well-honed sports betting and my somewhat occasional success and better than average track record, I will offer my advice to help you win a few bets out there.  I do it as a service to all of you, there’s no charge for my picks.  It will added to each week’s edition of In case you were wondering, I’d like to point out my personal record this NFL season was a mighty 10-6 .  My goal is to beat that when next season rolls around.  I’ll tackle NBA from time to time and maybe even a few MLB games as a way to give you some extra side bets  to consider as well.  Have a ball.


I’m going with the Packers (-3) over the Bears, and the Steelers (-3) over the loudmouth overrated Jets.

Packers poised to go the distance, this feels like it’s their time, and that my friends, is a tremendous motivator, not one you want to bet against. They will easily win this contest as Jay Cutler chokes and disintegrates on the messy field in Chicago, where I predict a long, cold winter ahead.  The Pick: Packers

As for the Jets, well, they caught Tom Brady and Company on an off day, plain and simple.  Probably a rough night before with all that partying up there in Foxboro, several players were spotted in some of Boston’s finest strip joints howling at the moon, and they played like it the next day.  Jets took advantage, played great defense, and took the game. The Steelers on the other hand, have an agenda, and it doesn’t allow for the Jets to do very well on Sunday.  Look for Ben to have a wonderful day as he picks apart the defense and razzle dazzles his way into the Super Bowl. The Pick: Steelers

Okay, now back to the rest of the issue, my latest column and the new issue of is in my previous post

Bye now.

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Reflections and Movies

The New Year started on a good note.  As a tradition, I always spend the first day of the year with a special cigar, sometimes with friends, often alone, as I was this day.

It was an inspired selection from my humidor of Cubans, an aged smoke, a Hoyo de Monterey Limited Edition 2006, a fine torpedo that looked as good as it smoked, dark, oily, smooth.

It started out with a bit of an uneven burn, but is quickly evened itself out as the flavors began to kick in, a solid, tasty puro with a long, almost sweet finish.  Complex flavors made this a superb way to start off the year.  I have a couple more of these special Cuban stogies, will save a couple to share with one of my fellow cigar smoking buddies later in the year.  As usual, I spent the hour thinking about the year that just ended, and more enjoyably, looking ahead to he new year and what it will bring.  As I reflected on 2011, I made a short list of things I expect to accomplish, which now, almost a month later, I have refined and enhanced into my list of yearly goals and dreams.  It’s going to be a great year, I can tell from the first smoke of the year and the wonderful feeling of anticipation that I now have.  


Most of you who know me know that I am a movie aficionado, I see almost every major release from the major studios and many independent films as well, usually to the tune of 3 a week.  Some may classify that as unusual, to me it’s not only a fantastic getaway that relaxes and stimulates me, it is a learning experience as I connect with the film on various levels and study the methods and components that make up a good film.  Very often see films more than once in order to study different aspects and viewpoints of the films.  I may watch with only an eye toward the director and his work, other times, I am studying the script, or the acting, or the pacing.  The first time, I simply try to sit back and be entertained, with no thoughts about the construction of the film or any aspect beyond the simple first time enjoyment of the film.

With this in mind, I have been asked by many people to consider writing movie reviews for the films I see, and I must say, that seems like a whole lot more work than I care to invest.  I will, however, give a shot at writing some short, 2 or 3 sentence discussion of my feelings towards the films I see, for what its worth.  There are too many critics out there, some of whom have a pulse, and more than a few of them can actually write and make useful observations regarding the movies, so there is really no point in my throwing another hat into that ring, but if I can say some things about a few films I happen to see and give you a paragraph that might influence you or encourage you to see some movie or another, I’ll give it a shot and see what you think.

As for 2010, there were a lot of really mediocre films released, a bunch of what I call “popcorn movies” designed to appear to the lowest common denominator movie goer and provide a 2 hour escape with no real award-winning performances or content, just a mass marketed film that is designed to sell seats in as many theatres as possible as quickly as possible before word of mouth sinks the film.  (Note: As I was out at the fabulous Connie Stevens show last night, I recorded the Golden Globes, and will watch them later, so these picks may not reflect winners…) 

There were also some award-potential films, real special films by directors who hit it out of the park.  For what its worth, here are the films on my short list of “The Best of 2010 Films”.

“Get Low” was an amazing film with Robert Duvall delivering an Oscar-worthy performance as the quirky, strange hermit who decides to throw his own funeral before he dies.  Bill Murray lights up this Depression-era tale, this film will charm you from the very first scene.

“127 Hours” – a one-man wonder, James Franco is on-screen, in one place, for nearly the entire movie, yet he commands and inhabits the screen, and if he is not nominated for this one, I will not be watching the Oscars.

“The King’s Speech” – two phenomenal British actors, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush  engage and spar throughout this film, creating a unique and fascinating relationship and a bond that goes beyond their respective classes.  They are fun to watch and the excellent script weaves a most enjoyable story from the actual events the film depicts.

“The Social Network” – Facebook is a generation-changing life event, and this is the movie that captures the true meaning of that and the roots of the phenomenon. Jesse Eisenberg nails the character of founder Mark Zuckerberg (Time’s Person of the Year) and delivers a wildly satisfying, manic, fast-talking character who burns up the scenery as fast as he burns through friends as he creates Facebook and changes the world.

“Winter’s Bone” – this is one of those small films you may have missed, no big budget to market it, just a few wins in notable film festivals to spark word-of-mouth, this is a small film that has all the right elements; great script, fantastic acting, compelling characters.  Sit back and enjoy.

The Kids are Alright” – Annette Benning and Julianne Moore both deserve to be nominated in this tale of a gay family and their two children and the impact they experience when the sperm donor dad (Mark Ruffalo) shows up. 

Dr. Adele "ZZ" Zorn joins our team

Our newest column comes to us from Dr. Adele Zorn, or as we all know her, it’s ZZ, darling. If there’s an event happening in this fair city, ZZ is usually there. In addition to this monthly column, which starts with this issue, ZZ is also a much sought after dynamic speaker on all aspects of Human Sexuality. A columnist and author on the subject of sex, her columns have been widely publicized. Dr. Zorn has lectured throughout the United States and has been a guest on numerous national television and radio shows. She promises to write about sex for us in the future, and I can’t wait. Welcome to the team, ZZ…her first installment is in this week’s issue, along with all the usual suspects…enjoy.

And catch my talk show “Behind the Curtain” tonight (7 pm Vegas time) on   with my special guest Charly Kayle from the popular morning show on KKLZ.

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Time Marches On – Even in Vegas…

The New Year is finally upon us and guess what? It looks exactly like the old year. Just a different number but from all fronts, it appears as if the only thing that changed was the calendar page. I am certainly not being cynical, just observing. I think people figured that when we threw away the old calendar, things would magically be different, more upbeat, heavy-duty recovery mode…

I believe most of the so-called experts who say we are far from out of the water as far as the failing economy is concerned.  When you can stay in any room on the Strip for under $100 and see most shows for half price or less right now, you know the economy is not in recovery mode.  And with airfares going back up, the cost to travel remains high, so both business and leisure travel will be affected and not in a good way.

We all need to be more realistic, and even though we would all like to see things get better fast, we have to recognize that it took us a whole lot of years, almost 10, to get us into this mess, and no one person, president or company can change all that in a few months.  We all have to hunker down and accept things as messed up, and be diligent and careful in our spending, examine our work ethic and decide if there are other things to do that could help our own financial situation while the country begins the slow process of moving upward once again.

I believe it will be a great year for many of us, and when the year 2011 winds down, things will be much better than they are now.  Beyond that, no predictions could possibly be accurate given the complete uncertainty we all face in the money world. 

Can you tell how cold it is here? Winter in Vegas


My show at the Las Vegas Hilton opens next month and we will be offering discounted seats to tourists and locals alike.  Hope to see you there.  (I will return to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA in March 14 – 20, with performances in the Parlour of Prestidigitation)…


Our latest issue of the weekly digital magazine, with the top Vegas entertainment journalists and insiders offering stories and scoops from the City of Sin, is now online at

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Another Year, More Rsolutions to Ignore

As the hangovers dissolve and give way to clear thought patterns once again, it’s time to begin a glorious New Year. 2011 here we come…

Happy times ahead for all!

may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.

As we look towards the New Year and wonder what the heck actually happened in 2010, it is best to spend energies looking toward the future and all the riches it holds for all of us.

Nothing profound, just my sincere wishes for a better year ahead for all of us. 

 As Tony Orlando said to me last night, “It all works out in the end.  If things haven’t worked out for you, it’s not the end yet.”

 Have a great 2011, full of promise, good health, happiness and peace.

Read all the wonderful articles from the best of Vegas entertainment writers here in your favorite digital magazine,

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Pass the Egg Nog and Happy New Year

Our holiday card was shot on the Beach in San Diego

Christmas is over, and now the New Year is on its way, Andy Williams is heading home to recover from his 2 sold out shows at the Hilton (fabulous shows, the man still has the magic touch, even at the tender age of 83) and every hotel is gearing up for a smash-up weekend of wildness and world-class parties and fireworks…while the East Coast begins to dig out from under a major blizzard.

Hope they get it all cleared out before we arrive.  We have shows in the Boston area, and the Worcester area, both of which are buried in white stuff at this very moment.  But by January 4th, we expect the roads should be clear and people will be ready to party!

My shows with fellow wormtown native Steve Connolly (as Elvis) are selling well, I hear most of the great seats are gone for our Worcester show January 7th at the historic Mechanics Hall, and still great seats ARE available.  Then there’s the same show the following night at the equally historic Berklee Performance Center (January 8th, the actual birthday of Elvis).  These are 2 chances for you to see this special show with ELVIS & THE MAGIC GUY, direct from Vegas!

I am also doing a very special, small (30 people) dinner show appearance at The Perfect Game in Worcester on Thursday January 6th down on Water Street…

And on January 7th, after the Mechanics Hall performance, I will head over to TWEED’S on Grove Street to hang with fellow North High Polar Bears for a little holiday craziness…if you are in the area, stop by and say HEY.

I am also looking forward to a return engagement in Harvard Square, where Boston’s largest comedy club transforms itself into the Mystery Lounge on Tuesdays…I will be there to rock on January 11th, so if you are in the area, be sure to catch this special night, it will be wild, I can promise you that. (and at $10 a ticket, it will sell out completely).  Check out my website for details on all of these shows.

Have a wonderful New Year, and here’s to a much more exciting and prosperous 2011, filled with peace love and good health for all.

Read the rest of our digital magazine, now in its 4th year of weekly issues, right here at

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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…I Think…

The holidays are upon us, heck, we’re in the knee-deep thick of it, friends, and here in Vegas, it’s no different from  New England, except for the weather and lack of white snow covering everything and making travel an opportunity to take one’s life in one’s own hands as we make our way over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house (or some other relative) for the annual holiday gatherings.

We even have loads of yard displays, with colorful lights and animated animals and stripper poles on many front lawns.  It’s holiday time, Vegas style, you can bet on it.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Especially if you happen to be Andy Williams, who comes to the Las Vegas Hilton with his fab Christmas show on December 23 and 24. If you like this sort of thing, you must get over there and catch Andy’s show while he can still walk and sing…

For the most part, the holidays are merely an excuse to eat, drink and be merry, sometimes to extreme. People have a reason to drink heavily, lavish false praise on one another, consume outrageously huge amounts of food, ingest more than a few pounds of sugar, and give meaningless gifts to one another, often re-gifting the same ones over and over, as some sort of gesture of friendship or thanks, and as a result, huge amounts of meaningless drivel is packaged, sold and re-gifted throughout the land, as the Christmas holidays true meaning is completely obliterated under the pretense of spreading good cheer.

My guest on my talk show “Behind the Curtain” is musician Billy Hinsche, who once rode the pop charts with his band Dino, Desi and Billy, then later (and currently) as a member of the touring Beach Boys (more on that in the show, you can be sure).  Tune in Monday eve 7 pm (Vegas time) on

And read the rest of this weeks digital magazine here,

Happy and safe holidays to all of you, see you on the other side of Santa’s visit.

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Clint Black Returns to Vegas

Clint Black at the Goen Nugget

Clint rocked the room in downtown Vegas

The Rodeo has been in town for the past 10 days, and for most of the hotels and casinos here, they welcome the cowboys with open arms and sometimes hastily constructed rodeo-friendly areas of their properties, anything to make a buck or two.  And from what comments I have been hearing at various casinos, the business was very good from day one and all the way through this weekend we just put to bed.  Sam’s Town, South Point, the Orleans and the downtown Golden Nugget…these were the clear winners as they were sold out completely and saw major activity ‘round the clock as cowboys ate, drank, gambled, drank some more and bought stuff. 

When the rodeo is in town, the entertainment is often geared towards the market place, too, which means Ronnie Milsap, Clint Black, and many other country acts will be playing here.  For us, a chance to catch Clint Black in this small 450 seat showroom in the Golden Nugget was irresistible, even if it meant we had to go downtown.

Jan & I met with Clint before the show

Jan & I met with Clint before the show

Festive and full of cowboys and confused tourists of every shape and size, many clasping giant glass boots or saddles filled with alcoholic concoctions, the downtown scene was happening.  The outdoor stage, right across from the Golden Nugget features country acts playing all night long, and when we arrived, it was a Johnny Cash tribute band sounding a lot like the man in black himself.  Right in front of the stage, shoulder to shoulder people swayed and drank as the music blasted. 

The Golden Nugget casino was jammed, every table filled, every machine occupied, the bars were all packed, and business was booming.

Clint shreds a mean guitar (and harmonica and drums)

Clint Black was just here a few short months ago, and he sold every seat at that time.  Now, for a 2 night stand here, he again sold every seat.  As a matter of fact, Golden Nugget officials told me it was the first time in the short 2 year history of this new showroom that they had to add additional seats to cover the demand for Clint’s shows. As it should be.

Clint does a meet and greet session with invited guests and special VIP’s of the casino, like many performers do, but he does it before the show, rather than after. He told me he prefers that, it gets him out and back to his bus a lot sooner after the show, and he no longer has to meet people after the show when he is covered in sweat and tired. 

His manager positioned us at the end of the hall, so we would be last.  This meet and greet is a really efficient and fast drill, they’ve got it down.  They bring everyone to the side stage door entrance, tell them it’s going to be quick, he won’t be signing anything, if you have a camera, he will happily pose for a photo, and he won’t be doing a lot of talking in order to save his voice…all reasonable things…

 After they all flew through, we were brought in and we had a chance to chat for a bit and grab some nice photos.  He promised to come to my show over at the Hilton when he gets back to Vegas. We talked about the drums, and as we both play them, he told me he’d be playing them for the final number.  He is a solid hitter, I can tell he watched Charlie Watts a lot, he’s picked up some great habits.

 Clint is one superstar who is down to earth, humble and completely unaffected by his fame or long time musical success.  He dedicated a song to his 20 year marriage to Lisa, whom I’ve known for decades, along with her family (sister Terri, mom Joni, and of course, Footnick).  It was a touching moment, and one of many highlights of a concert that was off the charts, bringing the sold out crowd to their feet for much of the show.

I’ll have updates on the kitty compound and its inhabitants, along with pix, next week.  Meanwhile, read the rest of this week’s digital magazine, including the first in a series of cartoons from Steve Connolly (aka Elvis, whom I will be performing with January 7 in Worcester and January 8 in Boston)…Steve will be my guest on my talk show Monday December 13…

the Digital Magazine is here…

(all photos by Jan Dacri)

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FAB Rocks Vegas…AGAIN

Spent the night last eve watching the Beatles – or shall I say – LISTENING to the sounds of the Beatles as they are expertly crafted by the FAB, who for the past 15 years have been celebrating the music of the Beatles.  This is not some dress-up look-alike group that attempts to impersonate the Beatles.  This is a whole different gig altogether.  Conceived and led by virtuoso guitarist and singer Pat Woodward, who has taken the love of all things Beatles and come together with 4 other guys to create note-perfect renderings of every song the Beatles sang, including the obscure, the solo stuff, even “Real Love” the last song that the remaining 3 Beatles and John’s vocal track created.  These guys even take requests, and they know every song in the catalog, so forget about trying to stump the boys.

With Cam singing most of Paul’s parts, the John and George songs split between Pat and John, backed up with the amazing keyboards of Dave and the Ringo-styles of drum beat handled by Aaron, if you close your eyes, you might mistake what you are listening to for actual Beatles recordings.

Last night it was a Christmas show, with all the Beatles solo stuff and even “Happy Christmas”, complete with a choir, violinist and Santa throwing missiles of candy at the sold-out crowd.  And as a gift to the fans, they played ABBEY ROAD in its entirety, what a treat and a grand night of Beatles…catch these guys Tuesdays at the Eastside Cannery and Thursdays at Brendan’s Irish Pub in the Orleans.  YOu won’t believe your ears.

Pat and the FAB rock out for Christmas

My talk show kicks off in a few hours, “Behind the Curtain with Steve Dacri” goes live at 5 pm Sunday (which is today) Vegas time.  If you missed it, the archives are available at any time on

Enjoy the rest of this week’s cool digital magazine

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